Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Kyiv 02:32


How to apply:

Step 1. Register at the MFA web-platform
Step 2. Fill in application form online 
Step 3. Upload copies of necessary documents:
            - photo
            - passport 
            - health insurance policy (30,000 euro coverage)
            - proof of sufficient funds
            - document confirming the purpose of the visit (more information on e-Visa supporting documents   

              per each category may be found at the ”Help” section of the MFA e-Visa website).
Step 4. Pay the fee (85 USD) online by MasterCard/Visa card.

All e-Visa applications are processed within 9 business days.

e-Visa or visa refusal letter is sent to the applicant’s email address in pdf format (get Adobe Reader here)

e-Visas are issued as single entry visas valid for up to 30 days

All applicants should submit their printed e-Visas (along with their valid travel documents) to Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service officers when entering Ukraine.

Information support is also available at

Full text of the Guidelines on Issuing Electronic Visas (in Ukrainian).

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